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Flip Dot Displays

Our new group project is the restoration (and hacking) of some electromagnetic flip-dot bus display panels. New display cases will have to be fabricated, and possibly control boards. A software interface is also needed for control over the network etc. Suggestions and contributions are welcome, see the mailing list!

What we know so far...

The display is controlled column by column, using an array of h-bridges to configure each pixel in the column The board is a generic mcu which we should be able to repurpose.

Forum with similar setup

Demonstration of custom controller - no details provided

Custom arduino controller with info

Github with code and circuit (below)

Documented project with similar panels

  • Dual 2-Bit Bistable Transparent Latch (1)
  • CMOS Ripple-Carry Binary Counter/Divider (2)
  • Dual Decoder/Demultiplexer (1)
  • 4-16 Line Decoder/Latch (6)
  • 8 ch High-Voltage Source Driver (transistor array) (6)
  • 8 ch Darlington Sink Driver (6)
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