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COVID-19: Access to the Hackspace

Until such a time as the risk to health is reduced, general access to the Hackspace is restricted.

All scheduled events have been cancelled and we are not open to new members or visits from the general public. We will keep reviewing the situation, and when we think it has changed enough to be safe, we’ll let you know.

Hackspaces do not fit neatly into any of the retail/business categories listed in government guidance. At this point, there appears to be no legal requirement to remain closed, so we are reopening in a very limited capacity. Access is available for keyholders, but think along the lines of “We’re open if you need something” rather than “we’re open if you want to be here”.

Access requires booking a time to be in the Space in advance, rather than just dropping in. Any member found in the Hackspace without a valid booking will be asked to leave and have their keyfob access revoked.

For the time being, we are only allowing access to one member at a time, and each member will required to clean up before they leave. If the demand is present, and we are able to do so in line with public health guidance, we will start compartmentalising the Space to allow a greater number of members in at once while maintaining a safe level of social distancing.


How do I book?

To book access to the space, email directors at swansea dot hackspace dot org dot uk with the times for your request. You will then be sent confirmation if that time is available along with further instructions. Use the calendar below as a guide for when the space is available.

Please remember that the directors are human and cannot answer emails at all hours of the day - it may not be possible to grant requests made at short notice.

When is the Hackspace available?

Whenever the calendar at the bottom of the page doesn't say "busy" - although we would still ask you to be considerate of our neighbours with regards to noise late at night or early in the morning.

If you can't see the calendar or have any other questions about availability, contact the directors.

None of the times I want are available

We're all going to have to co-operate on this, so do let us know how flexible you are with your times when you make a booking. The directors might facilitate some negotiations if there are overlapping/conflicting requests for access.

What can I do in the space under lockdown?

Anything that you were permitted to do before lockdown.

All of our usual rules remain in force, as do requirements for inductions on specific items of equipment. You will also need to abide by social distancing as much as possible - including while entering and leaving the space.

We would remind members to ensure that they can complete their work safely while alone in the space. If you don't think it's safe to be working alone, then you'll need to wait until the restrictions can be relaxed further.

What can't I do in the space under lockdown?

Anything that you weren't allowed to do before lockdown. Additionally, you cannot undertake any work that requires more than one person to be done safely.

You must not attend if you or someone you live with are showing any Coronavirus symptoms, as listed on the Public Health Wales page

What do I do if I'm running late leaving/got distracted/not done?

In the first instance, try and overestimate the time you require so that you don't end up in this position. Remember that you will need to allow time to clean up after yourself as well as to complete your work.

If you're in the middle of something that cannot be interrupted and won't be completed within your booking then let us know as soon as possible - do not wait for the end of your booked time to do so.


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