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Flight Club

2nd & 4th Tuesday every Month from 7pm

Next: Tuesday 14th April 2020


  • Open to members and non members
  • Bring all your drones / quadcopters to the hackspace for repairs, upgrades and demonstrations
  • Help anyone who is interested in getting into the hobby by providing advice and helping with construction
  • Flying micro drones around the hackspace (up to 90mm with prop guards)


  • First rule of flight club: you do not talk about flight club (actually please spread the word!)
  • Only drones up to 90mm can be flown
  • All drones MUST be fitted with prop gaurds
  • Drones must be flown in stabilised/self-leveling mode only
  • No flying drones at people
  • Respect people's wishes to keep away from flying objects
  • No flying in the Machine Room
  • You are advised to wear Safety glasses and some are provided
  • LiPo batteries must be charged in a suitable LiPo bag, at a maximum of 1C charge rate with a suitable charger.
  • LiPo's must not be left unattended while charging. For more details see LiPo Charging Guide
  • Report any damage you cause or witness immediately to the directors so that it can be addressed
  • No lasers!


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- Registered in England and Wales 08777436