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Fundraiser for second 3d printer

We have a great opportunity to get a second 3d printer for the space...

Ceri's Core XY Printer is for sale, and all he wants for it is the cost of the electronics... all the 3d printed parts and rods and chassis are basically free...

The design also allows scope for adding a second extruder.

The printer is solid due to the 'box' style of the chassis. It also prints very fine layers, a little bit finer than our current printer allows.

It struck a few of us recently that buying the printer would be beneficial for the space as we wouldn't be stuck waiting for our turn using the existing printer.

Ceri has ideas that he has voiced for doing upgrades to this printer... second extruder would be one of those stretch targets.

A stretch goal of 325 would cover the cost of an extra extruder and stepper motor.

Thank you for reading and pledging!

Total Pledges £70 out of £285 target.

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