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Electronic Event Listing Panel Project

Brief Description

The idea would be to use a lower power, E-Ink display to create a list of upcoming hackspace events. The purpose of the project is to increase awareness and therefore attendance of Hackspace events.

Bill of Materials

  • 7.5" 3-colour E-Ink Display £40 aliexpress
  • Universal E-ink panel driver with ESP32 onboard - £13 aliexpress
  • USB Power supply
  • Enclosure - Laser cut acrylic

A list of the persons that will be contributing

  • Peter
  • Nathan
  • Tom

An estimate of the expected time to completion

Before November 2019


  • Original estimate included using a RPi-ZeroW but the ESP32 board is lower powered and can be battery operated as an alternative.
  • Approved by Alice, Tim, Andy, Tom abstained.
  • Parts ordered 2019-05-08

Hardware Setup

  • Connect display to Waveshare ESP32 module (with the ribbon cable the correct way round)

Software Setup

Proposed Workflow

  • Use the Open Tech Calendar JSON Download to get a list of events
  • Filter out the next 4 events
  • Push event data to UI


  • The software for the panel eink-eventlist
  • Events 'API' (light proxy to access a subset of the events from Open Tech Calendar) eventlist-api
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