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Group Project Funding

We would like to encourage members of Swansea Hackspace to come up with and participate in group projects, as these help to foster a sense of community and collaboration, as well as serving as great promotional and demonstration pieces.

In order to facilitate this, and because we understand that not everyone has deep pockets, you can apply to have your costs reimbursed for such a project once it has been completed.


  • The project is to be produced within the hackspace using its facilities
  • More than one person will be contributing to the effort
  • It must be a physical item that can be kept at the space
  • It must be approved by the directors as being "appropriate"
  • Costs will only be reimbursed upon successful demonstration of project completion

How To Apply

A completed proposal must be approved by the directors BEFORE any work commences.

The proposal must include:

  • A brief description of the project idea and its purpose/objectives
  • A breakdown of the expected costs
  • A list of the persons that will be contributing
  • An estimate of the expected time to completion
  • A description of what will be delivered in order to demonstrate completion

Please email or hand your proposal to the directors, who will try to give you a verdict on your application as soon as is practicable, note that we will only fund projects which have been approved prior to work commencing and costs being incurred, and then only when a completed project is delivered.

If earlier reimbursement is required for a large project then it should be broken down into several deliverable sub-projects. e.g. a single working flipdot panel, a multi panel control system, and a free standing display unit.

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