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Downloadable Resources

Posters for those that want to help spread the word

Bookmark campaign 2015:

 Bookmark (878Kb)

Arduino Day 2015:

 A5 Flyer (50Kb)

SWAMP Fest 2014:

 Poster (4.6Mb)
 Flyer (9.2Mb)

Useful files for your use in and around the space

Our Logo:  Full Colour SVG

Library Book Stickers (Avery J8161 size)  library_stickers.pdf
If you want to donate/loan some books, stick these in there first.

If the attendance log is running dry, print some more pages

If the 3D printer log is full, print some more\\Fix M

Run out of membership forms and someone wants to join?

Got some (approved) expenses to claim?

Library BookBig (avery 3425) library_reference_3425.pdflibrary_reference_3425.glabels
On LoanBig (avery 3425) on_loan_3425.pdfon_loan_3425.glabels
On LoanSmall (Avery L7651) on_loan_7651.pdfon_loan_7651.glabels
Fix Mesmall (Avery L7651) fix_me_7651.pdffix_me_7651.glabels
HackableSmall (Avery L7651) hackable_7651.pdfhackable_7651.glabels
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