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Access control / policy

Last Update: 09/10/2023

There is no access to the space without a director or inducted keyholder present.

Where no directors are present, non-keyholders may only access the space when a keyholder remains present.

The last keyholder to leave is responsible for ensuring that all non-keyholders leave the building and that the building is secured with all non-essential equipment turned off.

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Members in good standing after their third month may apply to become a key holder, which permits them 24hr access to the space after completing a keyholder induction.

  • The request should be made to the directors, and must be accompanied by nominations from two other keyholders that second the application.
  • There is a £5 fee to issue or reissue a keyfob, and their usage may be subject to further restrictions as and when deemed necessary by the directors.

General access

Access to the Park Street space is through the metal roller shutters and shop door, identifiable from the outside by the signage above the door.

The metal roller shutters are controlled with the key switch to the left of the shutters or an authorised RFID keyfob and must be open whenever the space is occupied.

The shop door forms part of our emergency exit route and must be easily opened at all times when the space is occupied.

  • When the magnetic lock is active, the door must not be locked with a key.
    • In an emergency, the green "break glass" box can be used to deactivate the lock and allow free passage through the door in either direction
  • If the magnetic lock is deactivated or defective:
    • The door must either be left unlocked; or
    • With permission from a director, the door can be left locked while the space is occupied
      • In this case a key must located in the inside lock to allow opening in an emergency.
      • Everyone present within the space must be made aware that the key will need to be used to unlock the door in an emergency

The Hackspace only rents the upper floors - the rear area of the ground floor is not part of our lease and must not be accessed by members.

Fire escape

See also: Fire procedure/policy

The main entrance is also the main fire escape and must be unobstructed and only secured as described above.

There is also a second fire escape accessible from the first floor with a push to open egress device.

These doors must not be obstructed when the space is occupied.

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