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RedSail RS720C Vinyl Cutter


  • Max Media width: 720mm (A1+)
  • Max Media length: any, roller based
  • Max Cutting width: 610mm
  • Max Cutting speed: 600 mm/s
  • Max media thickness: 20g - 300g
  • Mechanical precision: 0.025 mm
  • Repeatable position: < ±0.1mm


The machine is connected to the machine next to it (Langland), use that for sending your cutting jobs.

The software used is Inkcut - either directly or through Inkscape.

The easy option is to use Inkscape to draw the shapes you wish to cut.

  • Make sure that your objects are sized in millimetres.
  • Select all objects you wish to include and pick Path -> Object to Path from the menu
  • Either:
* From the menu, pick Extensions -> Inkcut -> Open Current Document; or
* Select the objects you wish to cut and pick Extensions -> Inkcut -> Cut Selection...
  • When Inkcut opens, check that the planned cut is correct.
* If not, you probably missed something when converting objects to paths. Close Inkcut and go back to Inkscape and edit your design.
  • Set up the cutter as described below.
  • If happy, choose Device->Send to Device and then confirm.
  • Collect cut pieces.
  • ??
  • Profit

Cutter preparation

  • Plug in cutter and turn on cutter.
* Cutter head will home itself and the cutter will start in "Online" mode
  • Press "Online" button to take the cutter offline (red LED will light).
  • Load material
  • Using the keypad, position the cutter at the origin for your cut (bottom right corner)
  • Press "OK" button to put the cutter online (red LED will extinguish)
  • Use the S+- and P+- to adjust the speed and pressure as required.
  • The cutter is now ready to use. Note that Inkcut can only work with the cutter online.

Inkcut Device Setup

This should not normally be required, as the software is already configured

  • Launch Inkcut
  • Choose Device -> Setup
  • General: Inkscape Generic Driver, Redsail, 720C, 61cm, <blank>
  • Device:
* Settings: Both enabled boxes blank
* Output: Swap X/Y. Scale 1.0,1.0
* Connection: Serial Port, 9600 baud, 8, N, 1, RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF
* Protocol: HPGL
* Filters: Both disabled
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