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Swansea Hackspace AGM 2023

18th October 2023 - Swansea Hackspace, 21/22 Park Street

This is an opportunity for all members to discuss and vote on topics that affect the group as a whole, to hear how we have been performing as a company, as well as to vote for the directors for the coming year.

Non-members are welcome to observe, but will not be able to vote.

If you have any questions, please ask a director or contact us by email to directors@swansea.hackspace.org.uk

Proxy votes

Members unable to attend may appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf, in accordance with article 18 of our Articles of Association.

To nominate a proxy, please send a notice which:

  • States the name and address of the member appointing the proxy
  • Identifies the person appointed to be that member’s proxy
  • States that it is valid for this AGM
  • and is signed by or on behalf of the member appointing the proxy before the start of the meeting. Notices may optionally contain instructions detailing how the proxy should vote.

Notices will be accepted as signed paperwork handed to a director or as S/MIME signed email sent to directors@swansea.hackspace.org.uk


  • 22nd September 2023: Nominations open
  • 23:59 10th October: Nominations for directors close
  • 23:59 10th October: Agenda submissions close
  • 19:00 18th October - AGM.

Application for director

Any member may stand for election as a director. They must also be nominated by a member other than themselves. Both members need to complete and sign the attached form and return it to one of the current directors before nominations close (see above).

Directors will be voted for individually, a 50% yes vote is required. If more than a total of 9 qualify, they will be selected in order of descending number of yes votes.


  1. Minutes of last AGM and matters arising
    1.  Minutes of 2022 AGM
  2. Financial Summary
  3. Election of Directors, by Poll
    1. Elizabeth Diffley
    2. Melissa Wheeler
  4. Advertising and Fund Raising
    1. Grant Applications
    2. Fund raising events
  5. Workshops and Events
    1. Suggested workshops
  6. Refurbishment
    1. Report on works to date
    2. Next stages of refurbishment plans
  7. Longer term plans
  8. Any other business
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