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Archive of past Social Meetings


When: 7pm Tuesday 23rd April 2019
What: Games Night

Game night at the Hackspace!

All work and no play make Jack and Jill dull hackers. So come to the Hackspace, and lets use that deck of Cards Against Humanity and those board games we have in the library!
Bring your own, too, as long as they're simple to explain and play, won't take up all the evening, and won't cause an everlasting blood feud between players (so, no Monopoly)

NB: There is now a weekly Social, so only special one off events will be listed here in future.

Monday 30th June 2014, 7pm, Hackspace Swansea, 11 Wind Street

Just 14 months since that first meeting in Sketty and we are finally there, Our first open night and social in our very own space, and it was full to capacity, a great turn out and wonderful buzz of conversation, much pizza was consumed, and many new members were signed up. All in a great start to what we all hope will be a great and vibrant community resource.

There will now be a regular open night / social every Monday from 7pm, open to all.

Monday 9th June, 7pm, Pub on the Pond

Monday 12th May, 7pm, Pub on the Pond

Monday 14th April, 7pm, Pub on the Pond

Community Meeting - Discussion of Membership Fees etc.
Update on progress so far with finding a space, a general consensus was reached on the venue we would like to use. Seemingly unanimous agreement on the initial pricing structure, and some helpful suggestions on finding furniture and equipment.

Monday 17th March, 7pm, Volcano, 229 High Street, Swansea

Community Meeting - Formal meeting to thrash out our business plan.

Monday 17th February, 7pm Rear Room, Static Rock, Kingsway, Swansea

An experimental visit to another venue, quiet, lots of space, and a big screen.

Monday 20th January, 7pm Pub on the Pond, Singleton Park

Discussion of progress so far with location hunting, discussion of trying out some alternate venues.

16th December 2013 - Xmas Party (Social Meeting)

7pm. Pub on the Pond, Singleton Park.

  • The turkey dinner was not available :(
  • Discussion of progress so far with funding and property searches
  • Members tasked with searching the backstreets for small workshops for hire
  • Need to establish likely costs for a business plan/funding application
  • Discussion of charging a small annual membership fee in the interim, ask for donations at tech meetings, and otherwise find ways to raise funds for insurance and other current spending.
  • Next meeting skips a week for the holidays

18th November 2013 - Community Meeting

7pm. Pub on the Pond, Singleton Park

  • Announcement that we are now officially incorporated.
  • Discussion of approaches for finding a space
  • Desire to add more activity types to tech meetings

21st October 2013 - Community Meeting

7pm. Pub on the Pond, Singleton Park.

Signing up of our Founding Members and other paperwork for incorporating.

23rd September 2013 - Community Meeting

7pm. Pub on the Pond, Singleton Park. Another well attended meeting.

  • Discussion of potential sites for hackspace
  • Agreement to partner with SUCS to encourage student involvement
  • Talk about FabLab and the costs of such equipment
  • Debate on the upcoming requirements for a formal legal entity

27th August 2013 - Community meeting

7pm. Pub on the Pond, Singleton Park. A very well attended meeting, where food, drink and much discussion was enjoyed by all.

29th July 2013 - Community Meeting

7pm. Lecture room 1, Fulton House, Swansea University. Good turnout, discussions of prospects for a permanant space, and ideas for parties to approach for potential help. Some debate on future technical events, concensus on building a common parts "starter kit" upon which to base future workshops.

1st July 2013 - Social Meeting 7pm. Lecture room 1, Fulton House, Swansea University. This meeting room is on the same level, but a different corner of the building, please turn right as you come in the front entrance instead of left.

3rd June 2013 - Social Meeting

Social meeting at a local food venue.

7th May 2013 - Social Meeting

7pm. Marino Room, Fulton House, Swansea University. Organisational meeting and social, discuss ongoing plans and ideas for the hackspace, and get to know each other a little better

2nd April 2013 - Introductory Meeting

7pm. Vivian Arms, Sketty. This was our first physical meeting, 13 people attended, which was near capacity for the room.

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