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Microchip PIC Tutorials

One of the many 'technical' activities that we run is a set of tutorials on using microcontrollers to control and interface computers with real world objects. This is the basis for many peoples projects.

To keep costs down the first set of tutorials will be using the Microchip PIC serial of microcontrollers, these are very similar to the Atmel controllers you find at the heart of the Arduino, and using the bootloader and components from our starter kit allows you to achieve much the same results.

One of the biggest advantages being that the PIC devices cost around £1 each, so you have no qualms about leaving it as part of the project you made, unlike the £20 arduino uno board.

A list of tutorial sessions, along with copies of the teaching materials will appear here as they are available.

  • Bootloader - Lets you reprogram the PIC with just a serial port
  • Workshops - Tutorials in basic programming concepts
  • References - Links to use websites and datasheets
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