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Latest News

Swansea Hackspace is a community-run space in the heart of Swansea where enthusiasts in electronics, textiles, science, digital art, crafting and just hacking on stuff can meet, share, learn, and work.

The space is stocked with a variety of tools and equipment for you to use, on-hand supplies of components and popular dev boards, as well as the range and depth of knowledge from our members to help you tackle your project and inspire you towards your next one.

Sign up now to become a member.

We also hold regular tutorials and workshops on a wide range of make related topics from arduino and electronics through to crochet and chain maille. What ever it is you hope to make or craft, we will try to help you.

There is an open night every Monday from 7pm - non-members welcome! - so feel free to drop in, meet us, and have a look around.

Open nights are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we look forward to opening our doors again once the current circumstances change.

Update, 29/06/2020 As you are aware, Wales is opening up after the lockdown. We are letting keyfob holders book time in the Hackspace. A calendar and FAQ is available here

We are dependent on our income from membership to provide the best possible environment for our members but we are also thankful for any donations to help us improve our facilities and keep us ticking over.

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