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Upcoming Meetings, Events and Workshops

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Meetings are also listed on our OpenTechCalendar group page. Look at the export/share link for calendar feeds in a range of formats.

One off events


When: Tuesday 25th February, 7pm
What: Pancake Day
Where: Swansea Hackspace, 4th Floor, 11 Wind Street, Swansea. SA1 1DP

It's pancake day! We'll provide the ingredients, BYO toppings and fillings. £1 on the door.

Allergies: eggs, milk, gluten and nuts will definitely be present. As the hackspace is a shared space we can't guarantee there won't be other allergens. If you have any concerns please contact us.

Let us know if there's anything you would particularly like to see, or anything you would like to run!

Regularly occuring events


When: Every Monday, 7pm - 9:30pm
What: Open Social Night
Where: Swansea Hackspace, 4th Floor, 11 Wind Street, Swansea. SA1 1DP

Regular Open Night and Social, open to everyone, feel free to drop in, have a look around, and meet people.

If you don't have building access, Buzz Us and someone will let you in! Directions & Map...

Monthly2 & 4Wednesday

When: 2nd and 4th Wednesday Every Month. 7pm on
What: Handmade Crafternoon
Who: Free and open to non-members
Next: Wednesday 26th February 2020

If you are interested in learning to knit, crochet, or sew, or if you already know how to do it and you would like to meet other people and craft socially come on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month to Swansea Hackspace!

The idea is to create a friendly and inclusive place for everyone interested in crafts to nurture their creativity! we hope that with enough interest we can organize yarn-bombing activities around the city!

You can buy fairly cheap material from Swansea Market to start with, and we have a small selection of material in stock on the day if you if you don't have any yourself. If you are looking to learn try to choose bright coloured thick yarn (acrylic is perfect to learn on) and large knitting needles or crochet hooks! If you are already a knitter or a crocheter bring your project with you for everyone to admire and get inspired!


When: Last Saturday of the Month, 12PM
What: Monthly Mini-Induction Day
Who: Members Only (Fees may apply)
Next: Saturday 29th February 2020

This monthly session will feature a cycling set of two induction courses on the various tools and equipment available in the space. Each course will familiarise you with the correct procedures for using a given piece of equipment, and qualifies you to use it without supervision.

There will be a flat £5 cover charge for these courses to cover the tool usage fees and materials consumed during the course. Each course is hands on, you will be instructed in the correct procedures and then be expected to demonstrate them for the examiner.

Upcoming Sessions:

Saturday 29th February:

  • 3D Printer
  • Vinyl Cutter


When: Saturday 1st February 2020 - Midday onwards...
What: Hack the Space!
Who: anyone that wants to help out or get involved

Our quarterly event where we take a Saturday afternoon out to have a general tidy up, sort through the accumulated junk at the space, make improvements and reorganise stuff. We take this opportunity to examine current stock and equipment levels, make purchasing plans, and discuss ideas for projects and improvements. This is a great way to get involved and influence what the space has to offer. Some lunch will be provided.

Agenda for Saturday 1st February 2020

Coming / Returning Soon...


When: Saturday March 24th, 1pm - 6:30pm Postponed
What: Pizza Making Party
Who: Anyone, £1.50 on the door

Come forth once more to make pizza! £1.50 on the door. Bring your own cheese (or cheese alternative, for the vegetablists) toppings of your choice and pizza pan (optional, but highly recommended), we'll provide the dough and oven. we can only really cater for 12 people max, so it's first come, first served!


When: 2nd and 4th Tuesday Every Month (Winter only). 7pm on
What: Flight Club
Who: Free and open to non-members
An evening for drone and quadcopter enthusiasts. Bring your current drones and projects along for repairs, upgrades, as well as help and guidance for those interested in getting into the hobby. There will also be demonstrations and flying of micro-drones.

For full details and rules please see the Flight Club Guide


When: Coming Soon
What: Saturday Open Hack Day
Who: Free and open to everyone

One Saturday a month we will throw the doors open for an Open hack night, where members and non-members alike can bring their projects to work on, ask questions and get help from the regulars, or just hang out and socialise.

Your Event?Soon

What: Whatever you want to see happen
When: Pick a Date and let us know
Who: Could be free to everyone, or have a cover charge for materials

This is your hackspace. Whilst the directors have to take care of the paperwork and legal aspects of running the hackspace, they are volunteers and members just like you, and don't always have the time to put on workshops of their own, but you don't need to be a director to run a workshop or other event, you don't even need to be an "expert" at anything.

If you have any kind of skill or craft that you are enthusiastic about, maybe something you just got started on, or something you wanted to try out but never found the time. Pretty much anything that you want to share with the world, or that would be more interesting if done as a group, can become a workshop of some kind.

If you have such an idea then please share it, simply pick a date from the calendar that isn't already in use, and let the dirctors know. This can be a one off, or a recurring event, choice is yours. We will take care of listing and advertising it for you, we can also take care of obtaining any materials you need if you let us know in advance.

That's all there is to it, no costs, no forms, just pick a date and do it!

We welcome anyone that would like to run a workshop, or add Suggestions you would like to see.

You can also see a list of past Technical and Social meetings.

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