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This is a list of equipment that the space currently has, or wants.

Currently available equipment

Available tools and smaller items

  • Soldering irons, solder, braid
  • Oscilloscopes, a variety of CRT and storage scopes.
  • Bench Power Supplies
  • Mono A4 + Colour A3 Laser Printers
  • Range of common hand tools; screwdrivers, spanners, hand saw, pliers, etc
  • Set of needle files and hand drills for cleaning up 3D prints
  • Dremel & Drill Stand with selection of drilling, engraving and cutting bits.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Raspberry PI (You will need to bring your own SD CARD, and take it out when your done)
  • Various development kits and programmers; Arduino, Microchip PIC, Spark Core, Makey Makey, etc
  • Signal generator, LCR bridge, etc
  • Badge Making Machine

Available Supplies

  • Lengths and scraps of cloth and other materials
  • Card, Felt, Paper
  • 3mm plywood
  • an assortment of acrylic sheet suitable for laser cuttig
  • selected colours of sticky back vinyl
  • selected colours of PLA filament for 3D printer
  • Ink pads, paints, and glues
  • Electronic components and Parts for your projects

Coming Soon / In Progress / Stored Equipment

Items in this section are not available for general use at the moment. More details may be listed on the individual equipment pages.

Wanted List

  • List of Most Wanted Items
  • Socket set and Spanners
  • Metric thread tapping kit
  • 7mm glue sticks
  • Better desktop PC's for use as general workstations
  • USB Keyboards and Mouse
  • Universal DC power brick
  • Crimping tool for electrical connectors
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