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Induction Courses

Some of our equipment requires an induction course before it can be used, this is to ensure that you can safely use it without damaging the equipment, and to familiarise yourself with any quirks of its operation before you self-certify your competence to use it. There is a fee of £5 for each induction course to cover materials used during the session, as you will be required to make items as part of the process.

These courses will be re-run whenever there is sufficient demand to do so, so please email info @ swansea hackspace org uk to request the courses you wish to attend, and we will schedule one as soon as we have at least 3 attendies.

If you wish to use a specific piece of equipment, but have not yet passed the corresponding course please arrange with someone who has so that they can supervise or operate the system for you.

The following people have completed induction courses.

Name3D PrinterCNC MillLaser CutterVinyl CutterPower ToolsSewing Machine
Tim Clark 
David Davis-Day      
Ioan Hill?   
Aled Thomas?  
Sophia Komninou?
Andy Price?  
Andy Rush?
Liz Diffley? 
Shaun Woodrow?   
Kate Dudman?  
Alex Duffield?    
Peter Barnes   
Tim Lewis?     
Roger Parker?    
Jess Buckley?    
Brett Carlson?    
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