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Hack It Back!

Hopefully, after I've learned a little more on the subject of my first idea, I'll host a "Hack It Back" tutorial.

The idea behind a "Hack It Back" tutorial is to take something you have that is just sitting around gathering dust, perform a little upgrade/modification and "Hack It Back" into usefulness.

DIY Bluetooth Speakers, the first real task will be to experiment a little more with the cheap A2DP Bluetooth board and then integrate it into an old Sony Ghetto-blaster, I've had this thing since my teenage years. This old Sony has a pretty decent volume and sound to it, a CD player, am/fm radio and something that used to play music from a strip of magnetic plastic ribbon that would run from one little plastic wheel to another, ah a Cassette player, I kinda forgot what that was called for a second!

However, as the majority of my music is on hard drives or played from my Android phone or Tv set top box, or streamed from YouTube or another source, I've had very little use for it. With the aid of few http://www.instructables.com/id/PLAY-AND-RECHARGE-IPOD-USING-OLD-BOOMBOX---Hints-a/?ALLSTEPS I've read on coverting a cassette deck to either accept a Line-input or act as a iPhone speaker dock, I'll drag this old guy out of retirement kicking and screaming, right into the modern age withe Bluetooth upgrade, he will even be able to play, pause, skip track forward or back by remote control over the Bluetooth AVRCP, talk about teaching an old dog new tricks. Don't worry old Yeller Sony, I won't be "taking yer out'back" for quite some time after your upgrade.

The second task for me would be for to collect info and ideas and assemble it all into a nice package that almost anyone can follow. So if you have an old music player, a dissused pair of powered Pc speakers or you would just like to build your own little stand-alone box that you can plug into anything that accepts a Line-In, get talking with some ideas and I'll look into the best way to host a night (or a few on this subject if we can't complete in a good afternoon or evening) and together we can take something and "Hack It Back" into usefulness!

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