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Membership of Swansea Hackspace is available on a monthly subscription basis, and is open to anyone 18 or over.

Members Benefits

  • Unlimited access to the space 1
  • Discounted or free access to all workshops and courses 2
  • Your own storage box within the space3
  • Use of all tools and equipment 4 5
  • Voting rights
  • Discount hardware through our component stores and bulk buying


Membership is on a "Pay what you can, but pay monthly" basis, the minimum rate for those on low-incomes is £5 a month, we recommend a rate of £15 a month paid by standing order or direct debit.

Attendance at workshops, or use of the space without a membership subscription may attract additional fees.

Attendance to the regular Open Nights is without charge and open to all.

All members paying £10 or more a month are allocated a storage box within the space to keep their personal items in, and may optionally purchase additional storage boxes or lockers at the following rates :

Additional Storage Options
Size (approx)Storage TypeYearly6Monthly
-Extra 15L Box£20£2
300x450x450mm60l locker£30£3
300x450x600mm80l locker£40£4
300x450x900mm120l locker£50£5

You will require your own 32mm padlock to secure the locker.

By joining you are becoming a member of Swansea Hackspace, and you agree to be bound by our constitution. You may terminate your membership at any time, without refund, by written notice. Use of any of the facilities provided is conditional on your adherence to the published Rules of Conduct.

Swansea Hackspace is a private company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales.
Company Number 08777436.

Online Signup

Please Contact us by email for bank transfer details if you wish to pay by standing order or bank transfer, alternately you can pay in person with cash7 or by credit card.

Your membership is dependant upon you continuing to pay the monthly fees.

Payment cut off is the 23rd of the month, payments received on or before that date pay for that month, payments after are for the following month.

Privacy Statement: All personal information gathered will be used only for the running of the group and will not be divulged to any third parties.

1 24hr access is available to key-holders, see Rules for info

2 Excludes any course materials costs

3 Minimum £10 per month payment to qualify

4 Induction course maybe required

5 Some equipment has usage costs associated with it, the exact rates are posted at the equipment location

6 Paid in advance, not refundable

7 Payments that are not made by monthly automated transfer continue at the old rate of £10 per month

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- Registered in England and Wales 08777436