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Third Party

Swansea Hackspace is available for use by third party groups wishing to hold events or meetings, with the following caveats and rules.

  1. Use of the space must be agreed with and booked with the directors at least 48 hours in advance so that members can be pre-warned that an event is taking place.
  2. A director must be present to act as fire marshall until such time as general access is re-established, thereafter a paid up member with keyholder privileges must be present at all times and takes responsibility for supervision and safety of their guests.
  3. Use of the space for meetings and events is free as long as a paid member is in attendance.
  4. Use of the space is non-exclusive, keyholder members have the right to use the space at any time, but must respect and not interfere with any event in progress as per the Rules of Conduct
  5. If use of the tools and equipment of the space is required by guests this is charged at a "day rate" of £1 per person per day to cover wear, tear, and insurance.
  6. Day Rate does not exclude any additional usage charges incurred by use of one of the PAYG machines.
  7. All machinery labelled as "induction required" must only be used by persons that have passed our induction course for use of that machine.
  8. The Rules of Conduct must be adhered to at all times.
  9. Swansea Hackspace is an inclusive organisation and its Directors reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or group that they feel is incompatible with its ethics and standards.
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