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Justin Mitchell

Founding director of Swansea Hackspace

By day a Linux Programmer, primarily backend and server work in C. For fun, microcontroller-centric electronics, chain maille and jewellery construction.

Project Ideas

  1. Reverse engineering and building new RFID Door Access systems
  2. Cyber-Punk Goggles - Made two versions of these now, latest used neopixel rings to get full colour
  3. A MAME arcade machine - Need help with the woodworking, would love then to run classic arcade games on it
  4. Interactive table (projector and webcam pointing at table surface)
  5. Ticker tape machine - To print twitter feeds, network status, etc
  6. Sound-to-light jacket - Use a small arduino, microphone and FFT libraries to drive Neopixels and EL Wire decorated jacket

Past Projects

OpenSCAD source for base: edgelit_sign.scad
Arduino code for ATtiny85 chip: colour_fader.ino
Acrylic sign:  edge_lit_hackspace.svg

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