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I am a self confessed geek, Obsessed with technology, especially 3D printers, So much so, I built myself a printer totally from scratch, Mostly using recycled parts, with the primary intention, to be able to almost give a 3D Printer to my son's school.

I have a very wide and varied knowledge of electronics, and micro-controllers, Initially starting with PIC and PIC with CAN, and for the last 3 or so years, Promoting the MBED platform(s).

I have skills in PCB design, DELPHI Programming, HID interfaces, power supply's, motor & stepper motor controllers. and sensor interfacing.

As a former work colleague use to say: If Ceri cannot make it, or make it work, it is probably not worth trying !!

Have a look at: http://youtu.be/O-OeCX4ZTFc

A VERY low part count 3D Printer, So far 11 parts, in comparison to RepRap with approaching 40 !!!

More coming soon !!!

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