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Wanted List

List here items that the hackspace should purchase for general use.

Example: small hand tools, components, raw materials, and other supplies.

Please list the item, required quantity, price, and preferable a link to a supplier.

Preferred Suppliers

If at all possible try to use one of these suppliers, as they provide good prices, or are easy to deal with.

  • CPC - Subset of Farnell, with lower free delivery thresholds
  • Ali Express - For Chinese imports they are preferable to ebay
  • Ebay - for small quantity UK items, usually free delivery

Items Wanted / Suggested

  • Battery Drill (Makita with 2 batteries) Toolstation.com
  • Centre punch
  • Machinist Vice - 3"
  • IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol, not Beer ;)
  • Single cell LiPo Batteries of various sizes. e.g Turnigy NanoTech
  • A beam or tape compass (or something similar for drawing accurate circles of arbitrary size).
  • Replacement/Spare Laser Cutter tube - ebay £83 inc delivery from EU (no duty) Again
  • Lithium battery protection circuits e.g. Aliexpress
  • Lithium battery charge & protect board e.g. Aliexpress
  • Buck-and-Boost convertor. power 3v3 device from LiPo (4.2 - 3.0v) Aliexpress
  • Label Machine. eg. a Brother P-Touch handheld
  • Barrel Jacks (5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID is Arduino size)
  • Replacement Laser Cutter Driver Board - $100 Cohesion3D Mini - drop in replacement - less needed now the software has been updated
  • Digital Multimeter, £10.50 each, 2 or more. CPC
  • Box of PP3 batteries for multimeters etc. £13.75 for 10 CPC
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