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Monday 17th March, 7pm, Volcano, 229 High Street, Swansea

Community Meeting - Formal meeting to thrash out our business plan.

We are now at a stage where we need to get a dedicated space of our own if we are to make any progress, and it has become clear that all of the available next steps to gaining one involve having a business plan, so this meeting is a group effort to pull together all of the facts and figures we need get the plan written, and if necessary to assign tasks.

Research required

There are many different things we will need for our plan, many of these should be available online, and by asking around other groups, but its a huge task to do it all on your own, so we need volunteers to research what they can and contribute to the cause.

  • Property searches - what is typical rent for a 600-1000sq ft space in the right areas
  • Insurance - How much have other hackspaces paid for their indemnity insurance
  • Fees - What rates are other UK spaces charging their members
  • Bills - What are the likely business rates, water, electricity, etc charges
  • Membership - Can we find any figures on the number of members other spaces had over time, what did they start with, how quickly it grew.
  • Grants - What, if any, grant funding maybe available to help the process
  • Advertising - Effective ways of advertising the space, what have other spaces used.
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