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2019 Q1 - February 2nd 12-4pm or so

Topics to be dealt with

Regular recurring activities

  • Empty all the bins / recycling
  • Vacuum the floor
  • Tidy all the things
  • Sift box-of-hack for unusable junk to be binned
  • Empty the box-of-shame, reclaim any useful parts to box-of-hack, bin the rest
  • Check if any boxes are in use by members who are no longer eligible, move contents to box-of-shame
  • Reclaim any boxes that have wandered off, make sure shelves are full
  • check snack-space stock levels?
  • Order lunch

Additional tasks for this time

  • should we set aside budget for and/or allow people to propose and apply for budget to work on group projects, items that we can later show off or and possibly take to events we may attend.
  • check the pick and mix store levels - decide what and how much supplies need ordering, along with any new items we may like to see
  • Send Tim to buy a socket set and a second pair of callipers
  • Make some progress on the CNC cable extensions
  • Tidy demos area and filter out excessive duplicates
  • Diagnose CNC machine issues and order parts for fix (low profile pci or pcie)
  • Colour printer needs checking that it works on the machines
  • Closer on the door need adjusting/fixing/replacing
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