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2020 Q1 - February 1st 12-4pm or so

Topics to be dealt with

Regular recurring activities

  • Empty all the bins / recycling
  • Vacuum the floor
  • Tidy all the things
  • Sift box-of-hack for unusable junk to be binned
  • Empty the box-of-shame, reclaim any useful parts to box-of-hack, bin the rest
  • Check if any boxes are in use by members who are no longer eligible, move contents to box-of- shame
  • Reclaim any boxes that have wandered off, make sure shelves are full
  • Clean 3D Printers and perform maintenance as per https://help.prusa3d.com/article/sVQHD6vtfm-bearings-maintenance
  • Clean laser cutter interior, renew coolant
  • Check snack-space stock levels/place snack-space order
  • Order lunch

Additional tasks for this time

  • Add extra tasks here!
  • look into restocking engraving/milling bits for the CNC machine
  • Buy that automatic wire stripper, Tim!
  • Buying a crimping tool, (which one?-Anything that can crimp Dupont connectors.)
  • Buy a set of files. (which one?)
  • Tidy up the pick 'n' mix shelf (check contents, stock levels and add labels, everything should have a price on it)
  • Check CNC noise (involves taking it apart)
  • Laser cutter needs some TLC:
    • fume extraction, maybe replace tape (do we have more? Yes, one reel of Mylar and one of Aluminium foil)
    • check travel-not cutting straight.
    • Carefully clean mirrors and lens, look for replacements
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