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Moving Out of Wind Street

On August 28th the directors were sent notice that we have just 4 weeks to vacate the current space and move everything out.

This has always been a possibility, but the middle of a pandemic obviously isn't a great time to be finding new premises and we're having to proceed on the basis that we will not have a new home for the space before the end of our notice period.

What members need to do

All personal property needs to be removed from the space before the 18th of September. Feel free to take your storage box with you.

Any property remaining in the space after the 18th may be disposed of at the discretion of the directors

If you are not able to visit the space before the 18th, please contact the directors to make other arrangements.

The COVID-19 rules remain in place, so please let us know when you're planning to visit. We're also still open for bookings to use the space and our equipment as normal until the 18th.

Non-keyholders please contact the directors or another keyholder to arrange for one of us to be present to open the space for you. For the purposes of collecting property we will relax the "one household at a time" rule, but please ensure that you remain at least 2m from members and other building occupants that are not part of your household or extended household, and consider wearing a face mask during your visit.

Next Steps

The hackspace's own property will be stored until we can find ourselves new premises or we have exhausted all reasonable alternatives.

We will be making further announcements about membership fees soon, and certainly before the next round of direct debits are processed.

We will also email nearer the time looking for volunteers to help move everything out.

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