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Parts - WeMos D1 Mini - Modular ESP8266 dev board


  • ESP8266-EX WiFi microcontroller
  • 11 digital input/output pins
  • I²C / PWM / SPI / UART / A2D
  • 80MHz / 160MHz 32bit microcontroller
  • 3.3v Operation
  • 4M bytes builtin flash memory
  • Arduino IDE compatible
  • Onboard CH341 USB UART for programming and debug
  • 34.2 x 25.6 mm 10g
  • Modular / Shield system of stackable add-ons
  • Manufacturers Page


  1. WS2812 RGB (Neopixel) shield
  2. LiPo Battery shield - builtin charger
  3. ProtoBoard - solder on extra circuitry easily
  4. Relay board - switch heavy loads
  5. One Button shield
  6. DHT11 Shield - Temperature and Humidty sensor
  7. OLED Shield - 64x64 pixel mono display
  8. Motor Shield - Dual DC Motor control
  9. Micro SD shield
  10. Official Shields or Search for more on aliexpress...

Shield Pin-usage chart

DHT   Data    
DS18B20 Data      
WS2812 Data      

Chart from Andreas Spiess

Pin Headers

These modules and their shields come with no pins soldered to them, you can directly connect wires, or solder in one of the 3 sets of header pins they come with.

  • Sockets with short pins - Board to be bottom of stack
  • Sockets with long pins - Board to be middle of stack
  • Short Pins only - Board to be top of stack

As always with these boards, sockets should face up, pins down.

whilst some boards, like the button or screen, should only really be the top of the stack, some others will be happy in the middle or bottom of a stack, so choose which headers to solder on with that in mind.

PCB layout

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