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Parts - Lithium battery related boards

TP4056 Lithium Battery Charger

Use this board to charge your li-ion or lipo batteries, if left in the circuit it will also provide a protected battery output that prevents battery damage from over-discharge.


  • TP4056 Lithium battery charger
  • USB Micro or 4.5-5.5v input (IN+ IN-)
  • Single cell Li-ion / Li-po battery charge (B+ B-)
  • 25 x 19 x 6 mm
  • 1A charging current
  • Optional output pads (OUT|+ OUT-) with over-discharge protection
  •  Datasheet

BMS Lithium battery protection board

Use this board when you are not leaving the charger in circuit, it provides protection to the battery cell from over-discharge, over-charge, short circuits and over-current situations.


  • Over charge voltage: 4.25±0.05V
  • Over charge release voltage:4.23±0.05V
  • Over discharge voltage:2.54±0.1V
  • Maximal continuous charging current: 2A
  • Maximal continuous Discharging current: 2A
  • Over current protection: 3A
  • Size: 40 x 4 x 3mm
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