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Downloadable Resources

Posters for those that want to help spread the word

Bookmark campaign 2015:

 Bookmark (878Kb)

Arduino Day 2015:

 A5 Flyer (50Kb)

SWAMP Fest 2014:

 Poster (4.6Mb)
 Flyer (9.2Mb)

Useful files for your use in and around the space

Our Logo:  logo.svg

Business/Address Cards  hackspace_cards.pdf
Feel free to print these out and hand them out.

Library Book Stickers (Avery J8161 size)  library_stickers.pdf
If you want to donate/loan some books, stick these in there first.

If the attendance log is running dry, print some more pages

If the 3D printer log is full, print some more

Run out of membership forms and someone wants to join?

Got some (approved) expenses to claim?

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