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Fire Safety / Fire Action Notice

Last Updated: 09/10/2023

This page details the actions to be taken on discovering a fire within the hackspace or hearing an alarm being raised.

See also: Fire risk assessment / policy

Raising the Alarm

  • In the event of a fire in the hackspace which cannot be immediately extinguished, the hackspace must be evacuated.
  • Raise the alarm in the immediate area by shouting FIRE, FIRE
  • Activate the nearest call point - note there is a short delay before the alarm will sound.
  • Ensure a specific person is directed to call 999 and request the Fire Service.
  • If you feel competent and it is safe to do so, the fire extinguishers within the space can be used to tackle the fire.
  • In any other case, or if the fire is not rapidly extinguished, evacuate the space and inform the Fire Service on arrival.

On hearing the Alarm

On hearing the building fire alarm or hearing a shout of FIRE FIRE, all persons within the hackspace must cease work and evacuate the area/assist with evacuation.

During organised events, the event leader is responsible for ensuring that the space is evacuated. This includes making sure that the both floors are clear, if safe to do so.

Outside of organised events, it is the responsibility of all members present to ensure that everyone within the space is aware of the alarm and is leaving the premises.

The last person leaving the space should ensure that the doors are closed behind them.

Do not open any door that feels warm! Check handles with the back of your hand before opening.

Evacuate the space by the front door and main stairwell if possible. If not possible, evacuate via the fire exit on the first floor and the stairwell in the Mond Building. There is an additional manual fire call point by the door at the bottom of the stairwell, which should be used if evacuating via this route.

Once outside the building (via either route), proceed to the assembly point.

The assembly point is Park Street West car park.

  • DO NOT collect your belongings
  • DO NOT re-enter the building until authorised to do so

Investigating an alarm

If there is no obvious reason for the alarm to have activated, it should be investigated to determine whether the alarm is genuine and the Fire Service are required to attend.

Ideally, two people should investigate the situation while all other people evacuate.

If in doubt, call the Fire Service at the earliest opportunity.

  1. If more than two people are present, ensure that the space is evacuated as above before investigating the alarm activation.
  2. Once evacuation is complete, silence the alarm at the fire alarm control panel following the instructions on the alarm control page
  3. Check the area corresponding to the zone displayed on the fire alarm
  4. If there is no sign of smoke or flame, the control panel can be reset - instructions
    • If the alarm was triggered by a manual control point, this must be reset first using the plastic reset tool
  5. If the alarm will not reset, the space must be evacuated until the cause can be established.

In the event of a fire that originates within the hackspace (even if extinguished), inform the directors immediately by phone (01792 824624) or email (directors@swansea.hackspace.org.uk).

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