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Main Entrance Shutter

The main entrance is covered by an electric roller shutter, controlled from the outside with a key switch. The control unit is between the shutter and the left bay window (when viewed from the front), with power supplied from DB2G via a fused switch unit in the left bay window.


To open or close the shutter, turn the key to the desired direction and release. The key is sprung to return to the neutral position.

Once triggered, the shutter motion cannot be stopped. Ensure that the area around the shutter is clear before operating the key switch, and ensure that people remain clear of the shutter until it is fully raised/lowered.

Note: The key switch is sprung, but can stick in the down position. If a clicking noise can be heard after the shutter is lowered, turn the key slightly towards the "raise" position to ensure that the switch contacts return to neutral.


Control unit

The shutter uses a NECO control box, possibly this one.

Internally there are 24 contacts on pluggable terminal blocks, grouped as 4/5/5/5/5.

TerminalLabelFunction/NotesConnected to
1EarthInternally connected to 2Motor and Key switch earths
2EarthInternally connected to 1Supply earth
3NNeutralSupply neutral
4PPhase / LiveSupply live
5Motor CommMotor neutralMotor: blue (presumably neutral)
6MotorMotor supplyMotor: brown
7MotorMotor supplyMotor: black
8- LampLamp connects between 8 & 9 ? 
9Lamp -Lamp connects between 8 & 9 ? 
10+ 24VUnclear if 24V between 10 & 11 or 10 & 12 
11- 24VUnclear if 24V between 10 & 11 or 11 & 12 
12EarthUnclear if tied to 1/2, or 11, or midpoint of 10/11 
13+ 12VControl +12VKeyswitch: Brown
16LSLower shutter?Keyswitch: Black
17FYRaise shutter?Keyswitch: Grey/White
23AntennaConnected to 24 
24AntennaConnected to 23Antenna


The keyswitch has three terminals. Clockwise from the top, these are connected to the white, brown and black wires. These are control terminals 17, 13, and 16 respectively.

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