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You can see a small collection of my Things over on my Instructables I'm terrible at documenting so they don't all make it onto the site, sorry :/

Publicly exposed Git repos are here where you'll find the code for Things involving code.

Some kind folk kinda like some of my Things, if you wish you can read their write-ups by following the links here:

P3BF (Picopixie's Big Board of Brain Farts : Meta Project)

I channel lots of Dubious Ideas, but lack time and technical aptitude (OK, it's mostly the aptitude) to fruit these myself, so here's where YOU come in!

There's a Big Board in the 'Space filling with "project ideas" / "Things" written on cards. Little coloured dots code these by technology/material/tool type. (e.g RaspPI projects are purple)

If you need some project inspiration, or just want to have a go at something but need a Thing to make with it (the BEST way to learn imho) feel free to run with these, embrace and extend them, and when you're completely out of breath, come show me what you made! I promise I won't feel the warm glowing pride of an elderly mother receiving a visit from a now-adult child, much :)

Product Reviews

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