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Richard Morgan

My name is Richard Morgan LinkedIn Twitter Google+

  • Grew up in Bridgend and now live in Pen-y-Fai
  • Married to my lovely wife AndrĂ©a and am blessed with our 8yr old Son - Max
  • Work as a Business Consultant helping small businesses across South Wales with Project Management maturity.
  • Have an inner-geek that is constantly trying to get out

The idea of having a Hackspace to work on projects with like-minded people and share knowledge locally is FANTASTIC. I'm keen to help make it as successful as it can be.

Update: August 2015

  • I'm now helping my son Max to learn to code - he's 8yrs old. We've started with Scratch and the aim is to understand the fundamentals of 'code', i.e. loops, input/output, statements, etc. The Hackspace mailing list was an excellent resource to tap into the collective wisdom of the Hackspace on how to help kids code.

Update: May 2015

  • I built my 3D Printer (Prusa i3) and it's printing successfully with all electronics wired up correctly. I've added a Raspberry Pi running Octoprint to control it too.

I could not have achieved this without being a part of Swansea Hackspace. Thanks to the mailing list and the individuals (Justin and Ceri in particular) for advice and guidance to a complete newbie in 3D Printing and electronics in general. :-)

Next project:

  • An FPV Quadcopter hopefully Summer 2015ish - wish me luck...
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