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Electrical supply and safety

There are multiple distribution boards / consumer units present within the space, feeding a number of circuits and pieces of equipment.

Electricity Meter MPAN: 2199 998 324 804

Main Supply

The incoming meter, supply fuses and main isolation switches are located in the cupboard within the left hand display area (as viewed from outside) on the ground floor.

The incoming supply is three phase, with each floor being fed from a separate phase and isolator switch. This means that equipment must be supplied from the DB on the relevant floor and care must be taken to ensure that equipment on different floors remains electrically isolated.

There is currently no RCD protection fitted, except on DB1-1.

All circuits numbered as on panel, or from right to left with circuit 1 adjacent to the main isolator where no numbers present on the panel.

Ground floor

There are two distribution boards on the ground floor - one above the meter and another by the entrance to the ground floor space.


Adjacent to ground floor rear space access. Fed from isolation switch db1 (TBC), supplying some ground floor circuits.

This DB is not our responsibility

As of 06/12/2020, the main breaker on this board is off and should not be reset by us.


In ceiling void above meter. Fed from isolation switch db2

  1. DB2A (40A)
    • Unclear what this feeds. Turned off
  2. Roller Shutter (16A)
  3. Cleaners Socket (16A)
    • Double socket near noticeboard at bottom of stairs
    • No other obvious sockets, but not confirmed
  4. Stairs lights (6A)
    • Fluorescent light fittings at foot of stairs
  5. Outside lights (6A)
    • Feeds into outside display light. Turned off for now.
  6. Window Lights (6A)
    • Display lights in each window bay
    • 1 x fluorescent tube "outside"
    • Switches at foot of stairs by bay window access door.

There is a single socket in each window bay. These are not fed from this DB.

First floor

Single distribution board in main room,


On the right as entering from the stairs, fed from isolation switch db2

  1. Sockets 1 (Black, far end of room)
    • 1 x double socket
  2. Sockets 2 (Red, on same wall as DB)
    • 1 x double socket
  3. Out of Use (20A)
    • Previously fed heaters 2 and 3 in middle of room
    • Disconnected
  4. Lighting (16A)
    • Feeds main fluorescent lighting, switched in two sections (right/north and left/south)
    • Also feeds emergency light above stairs
    • Need to evaluate MCB size and consider replacing with lower rating
  5. Out of Use (10A)
    • Previously fed main lighting
    • Buzzes alarmingly under load, lighting moved to adjacent breaker pending replacement.

Damaged socket to left of fire escape and junction box to connect to external lighting appear to be disconnected elsewhere.

Second floor and attic


Supply for both the second floor and the attic space are fed from the distribution board underneath the attic access steps on the second floor. DB is fed from isolation switch db3

Needs to be checked further

  1. Heater circuit 5: Disconnected at FCU on stairs
  2. Lighting circuit 7: General second floor lighting + attic
  3. Lighting circuit 8: Large front room lighting

All heating circuits isolated pending further inspection.

Trunking in the larger front room needs to be capped off to prevent access to live circuits. These sockets are all isolated with switch on the trunking itself.

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