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Health, Safety and First Aid Policy

Last Update: 09/10/2023

Version: 2.1

This supersedes the last issued paper version (v1.1, dated 2018-05-21) and all previous online versions.

Swansea Hackspace currently leases the upper two floors of 21/22 Park Street, Swansea, SA1 3DJ.

This page describes the general health and safety policy of the organisation, and should be read in conjunction with the fire safety instructions (and fire risk assessment), general rules and other policies listed at Space.Space.

Due to the nature of moving into and renovating the new premises, all policies may be updated at short notice and these online versions supersede all previous printed documents.

Significant Updates

The wiki version history will provide the full list of changes, but more significant updates are highlighted here.

VersionDate IssuedSummary of Changes
v2.109/10/2023Move back towards business as usual
v2.010/07/2022Interim update after renovations largely completed


General responsibility for health and safety matters lies with the directors. It is, however, the responsibility of all Hackspace members to comply with any risk assessments in force and any safety procedures that are put in place.

It is also the responsibility of all members to ensure that other members, visitors and guests comply with the relevant rules and work in a generally safe manner.

Non-compliance with health and safety rules may lead to suspension or termination of membership.

General Guidelines

  1. Per the advice of Nottingham Hackspace: Do Not Be On Fire
    • This includes not smoking or vaping within the building or near the entrance
    • More generally, read and abide by the Fire Safety policy and risk assessment
  2. Warning notices are there for your safety, heed them.
  3. Do not use any machines or tools unless you are sure that you know how to do so safely.
    • If an induction is required before using equipment, you must not use that equipment without being signed off for that induction.
  4. If you see someone working in an unsafe way, it is your duty to stop them and let them know.
  5. Do not defeat or hack safety features/equipment. This is for other people's safety as much as yours.
  6. Do not sleep in the space. The Hackspace is a shared work area, not your personal workspace, lounge, or bedroom
  7. You are forbidden from doing anything that is illegal under the current laws of England & Wales.
  8. If in doubt, please ask.

First Aid

All accidents are to be recorded. Until an online reporting system is ready, please report any accidents to the directors by email (directors@swansea.hackspace.org.uk) or phone.

There is a first aid kit on the first floor in a signposted location adjacent to the main stairwell. The first aid kit is to be returned to its position underneath the sign after use, and a director informed of the incident and any consumables used.

Risk Assessments - Equipment

All tools and equipment available for members at the hackspace will be assessed for safety risks and suitability. Written assessments will only be made for items in the higher risk categories.

Equipment and tools within the Hackspace will be categorised as either:

  • Green – no known significant or unexpected safety risks.
    • No induction required, but ask if uncertain about use/maintenance/storage etc.
  • Yellow – some risks, likely to be familiar to members
    • No induction required, but help available on request.
    • Warning signs may be present on items in this category to remind members of specific hazards.
  • Red – significant risk of injury to operator or others
    • Induction prior to using equipment in this category is mandatory.
    • There will be a written risk assessment available for items in this category, which should be available near the device.
    • A list of inducted members is to be kept on the internal training website for reference.

In addition to categorisation based on the risk of injury if misused, equipment may also be upgraded to Yellow or Red if there is a higher risk of damage to the equipment from an inexperienced or untrained member.

The equipment categories will be added to the Equipment.Equipment list and on individual tool pages.

Any significant safety information required during induction will be noted on the relevant risk assessments.

The overriding principle for all equipment use remains: Do not use any machines or tools unless you are sure that you know how to do so safely.

Equipment deemed unsuitable for use in the Hackspace by the directors will be stored or removed as appropriate. This decision would generally be made on legal, safety or insurance grounds.

Risk Assessments – Workshops, Demonstrations and Activities

All workshops and organised activities within the space must be risk assessed. This only needs to be recorded in writing for larger events, workshops involving use of higher risk tools or processes, or at the request of the directors.


See separate fire risk assessment.

Monitoring and Reporting

A checklist with items to be checked weekly (generally during open evenings) and quarterly (generally during the "hack the space" sessions) can be found at Checks?.

Any defects in equipment (whether on the checklist or not), or any other health and safety queries should be sent to directors@swansea.hackspace.org.uk or raised with a director in person.

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