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Building An Arduino Based Robot


This course will be a multi-session workshop that will take you through step-by-step of assembling, understanding, and programming an Arduino based robotic platform.

The Sessions

This is a multipart course run over a period of 7 weeks, each week you will learn about and receive a new component which you will add to the robot you will be building, at the end of the course you will have a fully functional simple robot design to keep and build upon further.

The build will culminate with a additional competition evening, where attendees get to race their robots against each other in a set of challenges, with prizes and trophies for the winners.

  1. Mar 2 - Introduction - Arduino Intro
  2. Mar 9 - Part 2 - Chassis build
  3. Mar 16 - Part 3 - Motors & wheels
  4. Mar 23 - Part 4 - Line Sensors
  5. Mar 30 - Part 5 - Servos & Ultrasonics - Looking around
  6. Apr 6 - Part 6 - Putting it all together
  7. Apr 13 - Catchup and testing
  8. TBA - Competition

The course includes all of the hardware and electronics required to build a 3 wheel robot with line following and collision avoidance. Attendees will require their own laptop with the latest Arduino software installed for programming and debugging purposes.

Tickets: £60 members, £100 non-members
Tickets on sale until Jan 31st.

Ticket sales will close 4 weeks before the course starts to allow for all of the hardware to be purchased and prepared. Tickets include a £30 non-refundable deposit, once ticket sales close this portion will not be refunded and the ticket holder will still receive their hardware kit even if they choose to refund the teaching & competition portion.

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