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RepRap Upgrades

Additional extruder(s) for the reprap so that we can extruder multi-colour, multi-material (main+support), and flexible materials.

The RepRapPro Prusa Mendel that we have was designed to take upto 3 bowden style extruders, although it requires additional driver boards and components.

In order to accommodate flexible filaments such as NinjaFlex we require a design where the extruder drive is right next upto the nozzel/heater mechanism, as in a bowden system where the filament is pushed down a long tube the filament would buckle and jam.

Suggested upgrades

  • Control Board:
    • RUMBA (up to 3 extruders) £49.57 + Stepper drivers£9.15 = £58.72
  • NEMA 17 Motor £12
  • Greg's Wade Reloaded Extruder thing:18379
  • Hobbed Bolt £2 (Donated by Ceri)
  • 3x Roller bearing £1 (Donated by Ceri)
  • 1x short bit 8mm diameter rod (Donated by Ceri)
  • various nuts, bolts, and springs £3
  • 40mm cooling fan, 12V, high throughput £6
  • J-Head hot end kit will be loaned by Tim till we can afford to buy it off him (or he donates it). It is one of these: £14.88
  • Heater for J-Head alternate: £0.45 (Donated by Tim)
  • PTFE heatshrink (Donated by Tim)
  • Thermister for J-Head £2.54 (Donated by Ceri)

Estimate: £60

The estimate above is for just adding one extra extruder. If we get more than our goal or it turns out cheaper than we expect the extra will be used to buy improved versions of the parts on the list and/or to build up our stock of different filament colours/materials.

Stretch goals

Estimate: £105

Buy the RAMBO board instead allowing the addition of a 3rd nozzel in the near future.

Bonus Items

  • NinjaFlex 0.50kg 1.75mm filament = £42.80 + delivery
  • PVA Water soluable filament, 1.75mm 0.50kg = £39.90

Total £100 paid out of £105 total pledged towards target £105.

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